Our team consists of hands-on expert specialists who construct, service and design your bespoke golf cart directly on site. We are working to become the number one custom golf cart retail store for all your golf cart needs. We offer what you need, whether it’s a campsite cruiser, a neighborhood tailgater, or a personalized golf course runner. Earnhardt Golf Carts enjoys offering low prices and unrivaled custom work, which we create in collaboration with you our veteran’s club. We can build anything from a basic cart to a fully customized vehicle to fit anyone’s budget. We were able to grow into a more efficient operating golf cart store as a result of the one-on-one service we gave, allowing us to better serve our clients’ needs promptly with the highest quality possible in the shortest amount of time. From essential vehicle paint matching to collegiate customized golf carts, we’ve grown from doing bespoke colored carts to intricately themed carts.


Onward Golf Cart for Four Passengers

Golf Cart has a 60-year track record of industry-leading innovation and design, beginning with golf cars and expanding to commercial utility vehicles and personal transportation. Please find out how to join our team or learn more about our vehicles.

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The PGA of America, the PGA TOUR Tournament Players Club (TPC) Network, and the European Tour have us as their official golf car. Several Ryder Cup and President Cup events have featured our vehicles prominently. We’re also big supporters of the US Kids Golf Association and the First Tee.
Golf Cart was started in 1958 in Houston, Texas, but Bill Stevens relocated the company to Augusta, Georgia, in 1962 and began production. In 1979, the company was purchased by ‘The Original 8,’ a group of former EZGO executives who reshaped the competitive landscape by introducing a slew of innovative new goods. Ingersoll Rand purchased Golf Cart in 1995, and the company continues to expand its reputation as a global leader in golf and utility vehicles. Platinum Equity purchased Golf Cart in 2021.

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Customers will find our educated staff helpful and upfront about pricing and quality- we appreciate what fits you best! With over ten years of industry expertise, customers will find our knowledgeable staff helpful and upfront about price and quality- we value what suits you best! Before being wheeled out into our lot or showroom, all our new carts come with an OEM guarantee, and all of our used carts go through a 20-point examination! Tru Carts carts are not only eye-catching on the street, but they also last a long time.

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